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Scale of Justice Escape Investigations
Executive Security Consulting and Preventive Education
California Licensed Investigator License # PI-19442
Escape Investigations

Employment Screening
We can provide you with examples of legally approved applications, security questionnaires, and Fair Credit Reporting
Act (FCRA) release forms, as well as train your employment representatives in appropriate interviewing techniques and
strategies to help ensure you select the best candidates for your openings.

Investigative Training
We can train your security personnel to become investigators, providing them with internet and data resources to
gather information as well as teach them how to interview witnesses and suspects with the goal of gathering relevant
truthful information in a courteous and professional manner. We can also provide them with the tools they need to take
statements that will hold up in court.

Skip Tracing
We can provide your in-house representatives with the resources to locate ex-employees, debtors, investigative
witnesses and subjects of an investigation, using various resources to track and locate those who might not want to
be found.

Deception Detection
We can train your security personnel to be able to determine whether someone is telling the truth or not. They will
learn how to read a person's verbal and physical behaviors in order to help them detect whether someone is telling them
the truth or not.

As trained firearms instructors, we can teach designated individuals who are responsible for maintaining a safe
environment, how to safely handle firearms, as well as train them to be accurate marksmen or women. Gun safety is of
utmost importance and a lot of time is spent ensuring that weapons are carried safely and used in accordance with the law.

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