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Scales of Justice Escape Investigations
Executive Security Consulting and Preventive Education
California Licensed Investigator License # PI-19442
Escape Investigations
Pre-Employment Background Investigations
Our Pre-Employment Screening process is initiated by first evaluating your current
employment application and related forms and if necessary, providing you with a legally
correct application, Security Questionnaire, and Fair Credit Reporting Act Release Forms.
We then work with you to determine what type of background investigation would suit
your needs, and provide consultation related to the hiring process.

Our trainers assist in the dissemination of valuable information to your employees in various areas.
Please see our TRAINING section for a breakdown of our services related to training.

Stalking Behaviors/Threat Assessment
Stalking behavior can be exhibited by ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, love-struck fans, hostile
ex-employees, and mentally ill pursuers. ESCAPE INVESTIGATIONS has a long history
of evaluating stalking behavior. In each case we develop a strategy to minimize the threat
by a stalker, along with developing a long term management plan to deal with someone
who refuses to stop their pursuit.

Locates/Missing Persons
Escape Investigations utilizes several types of resources in an effort to locate witnesses, debtors, relatives and
missing persons. Although we cannot guarantee the location of an individual, our success rate is very high.

Safety & Privacy
ESCAPE INVESTIGATIONS is regularly called upon to provide expert safety and privacy investigation
consulting in matters involving the inappropriate pursuit and/or stalking of public figures as well as
non-public, high-risk individuals. Specific services include the following:

  • Identification of Suspected Pursuers or "Stalkers"
  • Background Investigations - to develop critical information used to assess threats and manage
    pursuers and stalkers.
  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
  • Media Investigations - to identify sources providing confidential information to the tabloid media
    and legitimate media sources.
  • Media Privacy Consulting
We also evaluate your current privacy measures and develop a customized program to increase privacy and
reduce your vulnerability to future intrusions.

Litigation Intelligence
ESCAPE INVESTIGATIONS investigators work hand in hand with law firms to assist their attorneys in matters involving
a wide range of complex commercial litigation, and personal injury defense issues. Using state of the art information
resources, equipment, and interview techniques, we have supplied the critical information necessary for our clients to
prevail in the pre-litigation phase and at trial.
Some of our most requested services include the following:
  • Physical Evidence Collection and Analysis
  • Due Diligence Investigations regarding Persons and Business Entities
  • Locating "hard to find" Witnesses
  • Asset Identification
  • Difficult Service of Process

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

The use of electronic surveillance to commit economic espionage has been a rapidly growing trend.
Covert information gathering has been documented in both business and residential environments,
targeting corporate executives as well as those in communication with them. We have even uncovered
evidence of listening devices and video surveillance equipment in five-star hotel rooms, in vehicles,
and on aircraft.
To help mitigate the risk of unwittingly supplying confidential, proprietary information,
ESCAPE INVESTIGATIONS "TSCM" experts utilize state of the art countermeasures equipment to reveal covertly placed,
information-gathering items. In addition, we regularly provide privacy/information security assessments to assist clients
in reducing the risk of future intrusions.

Site Security Consultation
In many instances companies need objective constructive information on how to better protect their assets.
ESCAPE INVESTIGATIONS team members can evaluate your current security program, including your asset protection
program, security personnel utilization, alarms, executive protection program, access control program, etc. benchmarking it
against the best in the industry with the goal of coming up with an program incorporating "best practices" and patterned after
your specific needs.

Sexual Harassment Investigations
ESCAPE INVESTIGATIONS consultants provide companies with investigative services and resources
regarding sexual harassment accusations in order to develop a "best fit" process to assess and
investigate claims of harassment in an effort to either substantiate or dismiss them.

Due Diligence Investigations

Our Due diligence background investigations are an essential part of many risk mitigation processes as they
provide decision makers with critical information with which to evaluate individuals and business transactions.
Failing to perform appropriate background inquiries has placed many businesses and other entities in
positions of extreme financial liability and resulted in injuries to and loss of reputation.

Escape Investigations utilize state of the art resources and processes to provide critical background
information and business intelligence to attorneys, corporate executives, financial institutions, business
management firms, and others. In the area of individual due diligence, our clients regularly request
investigations to assess the following issues:

  • External candidates seeking high-stakes internal positions.
  • Internal executives seeking promotions to more sensitive posts.
  • Sub-contractor consultants working on temporary, yet information sensitive projects.
In many cases, our investigations have substantiated claims of individual integrity and corporate stability.
In others, we have developed evidence revealing undisclosed civil litigation, criminal histories, conflict of
interest activities, financial instability, inflated assets, hidden liabilities, and overall questionable
business practices.

Landlord Tenant Issues
ESCAPE INVESTIGATIONS personnel work hand in hand with landlords and their attorneys where
unlawful sub-leases and other similar tenancy arrangements are suspected. Investigation methods
used to reveal evidence of these arrangements include:

  • Public Records Research
  • Residence and Property Ownership Profiling
  • Discreet Neighborhood Inquiries
  • Surveillance
  • DMV Research
Domestic Violence Issues & Consultation
We provide assistance and consultation for those who are experiencing domestic violence. We can assist by
developing a course of action that minimizes the possibility of escalation of violence, and consult on how to deal
with domestic violence when it spills over into the workplace.

Corporate Investigations
Today, businesses face enormous challenges in trying to effectively protect their most valuable assets:
including confidential information, inventory, and especially personnel. We help our clients face these
challenges head on with creative and effective solutions to manage immediate internal and external
threats and to develop proactive plans to reduce future vulnerability. Some of the security consulting
services we provide include the following:
  • Internal Theft Investigations
  • Executive Protection
  • Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
  • Residential and Commercial Physical Security Assessments
  • Information Security Assessments
  • Law Enforcement Liaison
Workplace Violence Issues & Consultation
Our Consultants will work with your Employment Representatives, Managers, and Supervisors in developing a
plan of action in cases of potential workplace violence. We also provide your company with a termination process
that reduces the potential for violence, and provides a consistent approach to these types of situations.

ESCAPE INVESTIGATIONS surveillance teams are utilized to address a variety of situations
including the following:

  • Anti-Stalking - to document inappropriate pursuit, supplement personal and physical security,
    assist in revealing the existence or non-existence of inhibitors to violence, and deter future intrusions.
  • Workplace Violence - to supplement security measures and gather information critical to threat assessment.
  • Close Protection - to supplement executive protection details.
  • Litigation Intelligence - to gather evidence relevant to a wide range of legal issues.
  • Corporate Fraud and Industrial Espionage - to document suspect activity.
Our surveillance teams are expert in this highly technical and sensitive area, including utilization of the latest still and video
camera equipment, and have amassed over 10,000 hours of field experience.

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